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I Think Things

Criteria: Short, original thoughts.

8/22/06 12:32 am - skiesdragon - This counts because while it's an observation, I'm not 100% sure about it.

"Geeks" have been made okay-cool by pop culture. However, only geeks that are interested in "cool", popularized geeky subjects are "cool".

Darn that irrepressable push towards conformity.

8/14/06 11:34 pm - skiesdragon - This may be a philosophy to live by:

If the thought scares or upsets you, then you should probably be thinking about it.

8/14/06 11:14 pm - skiesdragon

Sometimes people say that all people do or think such-and-such, a little bit or deep down or subconsciously, when really not everyone does. I think people do this because they feel it is negative, because society views it as negative, or both. I, for instance, say "Everyone's a little bit OCD." My English teacher in 10th grade, Mr. Dent, said that deep down, everyone finds it amusing when they see someone else get hurt. (I found this appalling, and it's one reason I thought about this.)

8/13/06 12:08 am - skiesdragon - I was riding in the car for a very long while. Thoughts happen.

I've always picked up the notions and thought that humans would try to create androids in order to see just what we and technology are capable of, or even to "play G-d," which actually has the (Judeo-Christian-Muslim) religious explanation of humans being created in G-d's image. But what if doing so is actually fulfulling the biological urge to reproduce, and to raise descendents, just in a very strange way?

Just a thought.

8/13/06 12:04 am - skiesdragon - Actually I still have one more of these.

If robots are to be used to do labor for humans - basically slaves, but without the moral problems, assuming A.I. is not given where unnecessary - isn't it kind of creepy and weird that we would make them look like humans? It's as if we would want them to be more like human slaves.

8/12/06 11:59 pm - skiesdragon - Sometimes I think about robots.

In order to avoid the old sci-fi problem of rebelling androids: Don't give robots that kind of A.I. Allow them to reason so that they can move well, but not so they can think.

8/11/06 03:47 am - skiesdragon - I've written this before, but I think it belongs here.

Apocalypse is a Deus Ex Machina.

8/8/06 06:00 pm - skiesdragon

We misunderstand each other so much, just because we assume that everyone else thinks the same way that we do.

8/8/06 05:58 pm - skiesdragon

I think things.
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